What is engraving?

Engraving consists in several techniques that allow multiple prints of an image done by making and incision on a metal plate.

The drawing is made scratching or emptying by hand a thin layer of waterproof varnish of the surface of a metal plate (cooper, zinc, iron…). The next step consists on submerging the plate in acid to obtain a groove.

Once the image is engraved on the plate, the surface is covered with ink. The ink penetrates inside the incisions, and then the excess of ink is removed, leaving the surface completely clean. To print the plate we use 100% cotton paper previously moistened, which is placed over the metal plate and passed through a high-pressure printing press (tòrcul). The main characteristic of this kind of print is its´ richness and the high quality of the texture on the printed surface.

Engraving is nowadays used, in the artistic world, in the realization of serial handmade limited editions, carried out by the artist in the collaboration with the engraving master. The final result depends on the complicity between the two parts, as well as the mastery of the engraving professional.

We offer engraving on demand for artists, publishers.
Preparation of the BAT alongside the artist and printing of the press run.
We work with presses up to 120 cm wide.