Let´s make engraving trendy again!


20 years of motivation
We are editors and we defend etching as the most democratic of the artistic disciplines.
With this subscription you can acquire one of the pieces of our portfolio.
In this way, we make accessible the acquisition of art pieces.
We encourage you to pick the piece you like the most and take it home with you.

How do we do this?
1 You pick the piece you like.
2 We agree on a fee over 30€.
3 Enjoy your art piece at home!

We are a cooperative
Our project is based on a cooperative, we establish fair relationships and we encourage a discerning consumption. We love what we do and we would like you to participate in the results.

Payment of a monthly fee of no less than 30€, negotiable at any point. Once the payment is completed, in case you would like to continue with the engravings collection or if you prefer to wait for new editions, the fees paied will generate a positive balance in favor of the subscriber, who will be invited to pick up the pieces when desired.

_At the moment the subscription is formalized the subscriber will be able to pick up any piece from the Art Fund.
_Every engraving is accompanied by a print run justification which includes the technical information, the edition numbering and a authenticity certificate that attest to its originality.
_The subscribers receive periodic information about editorial projects and exhibits.